Good way to get cheaper insurance

I’m not sure if this’ll work for everyone, but it has done two years in a row for me now.

I went onto a comparision website and got a quote. I used Quite reasonable prices, but I didn’t take any of them.

Within minutes of closing the web page I get calls from some of the insurance companies offering me much lower prices than on the website.

I’m now at £270 fully comp for the 'busa. :smiley:

Had the same with the car insurance, however, the comparison websites could not touch Admiral for a NW London postcode

I a quote from the insurance website and from a compare website. The quote I got form the insurance company was much cheaper, plus I got the same call after 5 minutes offering me a better deal


P.S. still around £500 for a GSXR 600, kept in garage

Thans for the advice mate. I’ll be giving that a go :slight_smile:

try swinton.

i just had the best quote. on my 600 rr. been riding two years,1 year no claims london, no garage or alarm. 1 theft, 1 conviction, and 2 non fault accidents

600 fully comp or

480 tpft

leagal cover

breakdown/ home start and curt bike

helmet/leathers to 1500

concidering i had a quote for 2000 this is great.

will try that at renewal time, as its over £500 for the 'bird and Im an old goat :smiley:

trouble is

high mileage

not garaged


sp 30

1 yr NCB