Good tail luggage

I want something with a reasonable amount of storage that I can carry a weekend’s worth of gear in. Thoughts? Any brands to avoid?

Go for a topbox, absolute god send. And easy to take on and off, and can be moved to a new bike with just a new bracket.

Well Ive used the oxford throwover panniers and tailpack for ages, you get loads in them. Only just gone to hard luggage as the bike came with all the brackets, the soft luggage is cheaper option and 3 of the 5 bikes doing France in july are using them. :slight_smile:

Kriega tail packs

Ventura systems are such an easy way of doing it… We have this for the Busa and will no doubt get one for the K7.

These are also what we use and go easily on the back of the K7, we have the CAR007 the largest one, well it has to be big to take all my girly stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

With the Ventura system you can still use the cargo tailpack with it… nothing like lumbering him with all the luggage on long rides :D:D:D:D

I guess it also saves on wearing out the rubber on the front wheel :wink:

I’ve got the Baglux/ Bagster tail bag.

Its a soft luggage big enough to hold a lid.

You can wear it also as rucksack but it does stick out a bit.

Obviously not a secure luggage to be left unattended, I also take the middle part of the fitting kit off when the bike is left in public, as this middle part is not secure i.e can be unzipped and nicked.

Only down side is that it can be a bit of an arse when attaching the bag to the fitting kit.

+1 on the Ventura kit. Absolutely brilliant have it on the Triumph and bought both the large and small bag. Large bag was great for 6 days in France and use the smaller bag when going away for a weekend.

Kriega make quality kit…

I’ve got their tail pack and its perfect… its pricey kit, but its made for biking, their rucksack fit a weeks worth of kit in it for me when i went the IOM…

Cargo Monster Tail pack. 30 litres expandable to 40. Really excellent – well made and has back-pack straps as well as carry handles.