Good Routes around High Wycombe / Buckinghamshire

I have recently moved to Loudwater (between High Wycombe and Beaconsfield) and was wondering if anyone lives in the area and knows any good routes / roads?? Not been out on the bike in while other than commuting and want to make the most of the weekend!


Good to see you back Chris. :slight_smile:

Mark used to live in Flackwell Heath, you’ve got loads of nice roads around that way-Get your map out, either head for the A40 or go over the back way towards the A404, through either Marlow or stay on it until the A4130 and head towards Hurley, Henley all the way to Wallingford then A4074 to H Cafe (the old Foxs Diner).

You have loads of short routes you can do around there all looping up to make a good days riding. If I’m about I’ll give you a call and take you out :wink:

Thanks - yep i have a new bike but have been too skint to take it out for a proper ride.

Definitely up for going out around here if you an Mark are about. Should be able to get out on some more rides soon as well.

And would love to test my bike out in Wales!!!

August Long weekend?

I’ve got one booked, I’ll pm you the details.

Id second the route ang suggested, but when you get into henley go left towards caversham and take the back wauy to H cafe, nice fast road that way.

my gf lives in wooburn, and i live in slough, message me for a ride out some time.

+1 for this, and -1 to the guy that said go via Caversham - that bit was mainly towns and double whites!

The route above is good though, we came off the M40 at Denham and followed the A40 to the 404. Good mix of roads, no real tight stuff but still elevation changes, tight-ish corners and fast sweepers and some good scenery! A recommended afternoon/evening ride from the Ace.

you must not be taking the right roads alex, from henley to caversham there are no other towns on the way. once out the other side of caversham the road is national speed limit almost all the way up to the H cafe / wallingford.

The road from the M25 to Alysbury and then the A413 to Buckingham was good. Fast and tight twistys and bend with undulating ground. I carried on to Silverstone from there.

Dude!! give me a shout a have a few little circuits I do to relieve the boredom, I dont think Ive seen you about since the drenching we got on my Hunstanton run last year!!

Im only 5 mins from Loudwater… if you want a Blast let me know it will good to have someone local to go for a burn with!