Good PS3 Bike Games - Are There Any?

Anyone played a decent bike game on the PS3? I’ve had my PS3 for 2 years and only played Call Of Duty since I bought it & fancy a change :stuck_out_tongue:

Only got Moto Gp 08 but i love it, especially when played on line. It can get very addictive…

SBK09 is menat to be the ******

I have moto gp 09 - and like it a lot… but SBK 09 bikes sound like bikes not hair dryers… and is all round a better sim of REAL biking…

SBK 09 is quite good, not one to just grab and play, it has you do all the practice and qualifying.

I’d played SBK '08 and didn’t like it but '09 is much better!

Tom Sykes is winning the championship at the moment in my game. Go TOM

Ive got SBK 09

Superb gaming, Takes some getting used to.

Make an offer its 2 weeks old.

I really wish someone would make a modern BSB game.

Would be great to use to learn circuits for track days.