I know its cheating but i wont be up this early for a long time:D:D:P

Good morning all
Start of a new week, hope you all have fun.

morning, I am hoping for a good week for all of you…

Gooooooooooooood morning, lets all have a great week:D

Good Morning LB, hope everyone has a grat day. Ride safe peeps.

MORNING ALL!! got dragged out of bed mega early by my daughter(she’s 12 today!)


Good morning peeps, weathers not looking too great.Stay safe.

Oh and Happy Birthday Alix

Cheers ASBO you just put a mega smile on Alix’s face lol:w00t:

Mornin’ all! Today will be the day I switch my insurance over to my Blackbird and if I can get a covernote emailed, the day I get it taxed and have it sorted for riding! :smiley:

No worries, we gona be seein her on the BCR in 4 years time :w00t:

Morning all

After planes trains and automobiles, all running late last night, this morning, took the tube to get an extra hours sleep - again!

Morning all. Was riding in watching the clouds getting heavy. Looks like rain on the way soon. Take it easy out there, lots of crap on the roads - not including mad drivers! :smiley:

morning all


Morning all, first ride into London on a big bike this morning. LOVED IT!!!


I have the day off. I’m still in bed.


good morning all!:smiley:


morning all!:slight_smile:

good morning fellow bikers “i hope you all sleept well ;)”

ello ello :slight_smile: