Good Morning

hey guys!

monday comes around so quickley doesn’t it?!

Have you guys recovered from your weekend hooning around various UK country roads?

Have a good week.




blimey i’ve been at work for almost 4 hours already :crazy:

Seems like it’s almost lunchtime already

Good Morning Lou Lou, Morning everypeeps:cool:

Lovely blue sky out there, might just have to get the Monkey Bike out;):smiley:

Don’t work too hard you lot;):smiley:

Morning Morning…

Damn weekends are going just too quick!!!

Have a good day everyone!!!

good morning all
got my theory test today :smiley:

see attachment, i just got that using the practice CD :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:



Im so tired…why do I have to work :frowning:

morning all :)had a great weekend at Donington

knackered this morning so wussed off work, luckily they let me take a holiday day off

out anywhere later??

Morning troops

How are we today?

Good morning all

day off today so should be out on the bike later


sorry, fuggin’ bike’s having a service would you believe it! :crying:…and its bootiful out there too!

morning all!

Morning, tired, need a day off to recover, sat in the Ace last night and wondered if I was going to fall asleep . . .

Morning all was really hoping to of been able to meet some of you yesterday was going to sneak out before kids woke up , Never managed it still maybe soon i will meet some of you will be at the brandstrackday on 9th july

would like to come up to the ace but i get lost going that side of london so if any one else goes up to the ace from south of the river let me know so i can tag along please

MORNING ALL!! back to work after a week off, boo!

Morning everyone:D i am sad today…the bug goes later…now to find a new bike…Ratty get yer arse over mine so i can try your sv for size please:D

Had a great weekend, and so far this morning it has been tops. Got to the junction and instead of going straight ahead like I do every morning I turned right. My commute went from 14 miles to 63 miles. Had a hell of a time, and was only a few minutes late.

Morning all, have a great one!

4 day week for me as the missus and I are off to Switzerland on Friday morning to see friends for the weekend. Hired Kawasaki GTR1400 in the Swiss mountains, hope it’s stopped raining over there!

At least the fuel should be cheaper, I’ll see how much I can fit in my luggage to bring back!!

have you got a new job then Kev or are you just pissing about on your old war horse?

afternoon loonies :slight_smile:

just about to go to work think I will go the long way round take advantage of the sunshine :smiley: