Good Morning


Had my first commute in some 8 weeks since my accident and what a joy. Roads a bit damp, but still 25 minutes quicker than the trains door to door!

Had a quick blat from SE2 to Chelmsford yesterday to get used to my “new” bike and what a joy the Sprint RS is. Smoother on the motorways than the VFR and with more grunt. Turns in quickly enough and I had the pegs down on a roundabout without trying too hard! In fact I was not trying to ground them, so it was a surprise!:w00t::w00t: Eeeek!

Packed my rain suit just incase it pours on the way home, but at least the rain held off for the ride in, which is grand. I am HAPPY!!

Morning all…good one…watch getting those pegs down in this kind of weather though. Be careful for sure…

I glad your enjoying it again!!!

But no bad mouthing the VFR!!! baby polar bear and myself may round up a posse!:cool:

Bbbuttt, it was dry yesterday, seriously!:wink: Rode steady and smooth this morning, I aim to live a long time!

I loved the VFR (to bits too!) but am a small fellow at 196cms and around 115kgs. Just found that the Sprint has more room on it for my legs. Miss the fairing lowers on the VFR though, but in summer, I’ll be glad of that extra bit of air!

Morning all!, just setting off for work, good idea on the rain suit makman, i think i`ll take mine too.:slight_smile:


have a great day people

morning all lb’s

Morning everyone…Does this raincloud only reside over essex? cos i just got wet…AGAIN:angry:

Morning everyone.

Morning Paul.

Morning George ( great ride on Saturday )

Morning Will.

Morning all

Morning Paul
Morning Samm
Morning Sony

ello and morning all

Good afternoon all
Good to see your back on the road.

And a good evening to all as well! Had a great ride home. Had to remind myself that pedestrians really do not look to see what is coming, even a Triumph will full Race Can system… :D:D Had a hoot going through the Southwark Underpass, sounds absolutely brilliant!