Good morning

Good morning everyone. a wet, windy and kinda warm start to the week.

Ride safely.

Morning Paul.

Starting my last week at work :smiley: last day on Thursday no more getting up at 05:00.

Yippee snows gone !! morning all have a good one, dont forget there’s a programme about Bazza Sheene on sky 529 tonight at 10pm :slight_smile:

morning all!, i should be ok on my way to work, im on the mp3, so 3 wheels safer on wet and slippery roads!!:slight_smile:

Morning :slight_smile: So Westie, any tripod jokes ? :wink: Sony, why no more work ? Holiday, change of job or won the lottery ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Steve, just leaving were I am, not sure what I want to do, might do contracting in IT for sometime while I decide.

morning all lb’s

morning sony

morning westie x

Morning All, Morning Paul. :slight_smile:

And a good wet morning to ye all. Managed to get in to work in one piece, just need to repeat the performance home!

Morning all,
Morning Sony
Morning Paul

morning all, wot a day to pick to have a day off, o well maybe i will clean the bike

Morning all, with all that rain the car can wash itself! :wink:

Morning All!.. better late than never.:wink:

Mornin peeps :slight_smile: Just worked it out, only 4 weekends before i land back on the shores of sunny blighty for crhistmas - woo hoo!!

Morning all, stay safe out there. :slight_smile:

I can see why you want Ben and I to dress as woman :smiley:

Good evening.