Good Morning

Morning all, bit of a frost this morning so be careful…think I will go back to bed cos I can :P:)

Morning everyone and what a cold one :w00t:

Morning Paul.

Morning All! Brrrrrrr a bit chilly!

morning all

morning sony

Morning :cool:

Top of the morning to all. Had such a cracking good ride in this morning, even though I was 1/2 an hour “late” and enjoyed the bright sunshine!:smiley: First time my toes were just a tad cool! I might look for some gortex socks for the cooler mornings!

Morning all, winter is full in effect!

Good afternoon, i`ve been cold all blooming day, but speaking to Westie earlier warmed me up.:wink:

good morning


Morning :slight_smile: Yesterdays thread but what the heck :stuck_out_tongue:

Good morning everyone, with the rain at least its a bit milder today :slight_smile:

You early today Steve.

Morning Paul.

I’m still at home !

morning all

oh good morning for yesterday and today, ah well saves starting a new thread!, im just going to make a cup of tea and go back to bed, im off today!:D:w00t:

morning all lb’s

morning sony

morning tiger

Morning all, still a bit nippy today

Morning Sony

Morning Paul & Sharon

Morning all,off today as well,bit damp and miserable though.Looking after a vomiting Lurcher,not even mine,belongs to sis-in-law:crazy:

Not so good afternoon today, got a new rear tyre and i am now £125 worse off.