Good Morning

Hi I’m Chris,

Bit new to all of this.

I read in the sticky that you have a newbie gathering at the beginning of every month, if there’s anyone heading down to one of these and lives in the Luton/St Albans area and I could ride down with them I’d appreciate it.

Many thanks.

morning Chris and welcome

i live nears Brands so it wont be me you ride in with but there are loads up your way so hope to see you there

Good morning Chris and welcome to

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Da Artist

Welcome! I’m new here too (well, I think I still count as new) and I’ll be going to the newbie meet. I live quite close to it though, but hope to see you there.


A very warm newbie to newbie welcome, look forward to meeting you on the 2nd


Ello and welcome!

I will hopefully be heading down there, provided I have my bike… might be in for repairs.

Good morning

welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Welcome to lb

Welcome to LB matey

Looks like quite a few are going to be at the newbie meet on the 2nd; M1 south to A406 head west and off at Park Royal. Gonna be going from work so will not be able to meet. There is also Cubana on Wednesdays at Waterloo plus loads of rideouts - some of us are at Brands for BSB this weekend and theres Flats rideout to Portsmouth on the 8th. Check out the rideouts section.

Hope to see ya soon, keep it rubber side down.

Hi and welcome to LBs, hope to see you at the Ace on the 2nd


Welcome aboard!