good morning

seeing as how no one else will say it…

good morning boys and girls…

cubana tomorrow night - so two get well soon cards and the collection for Ali…

plus lets remember its a residential area so lets change into that higher gear a bit sooner when leaving
(Cough LMRR cough) )

not sure if anyone is going to Dick Turpin tonight?

“not sure if anyone is going to Dick Turpin tonight?”

Dicked many things in my time, but a Turpin aint one of them…

Do any other LB’ers go to Dick Turpin…?

Oh and morning btw

you gonna get moderated…

AbbeyJ, getting worried about you. First in in the morning and first in with the newbie stick!!!Lol

Too much caffeine in my diet I think…

besides i said i am quite happy to hand over the newbie stick, but no one is offering to take it up…

so until then have to be polite and poke…

(although the amount of newbies asking for a second poking is a bit alarming now… )

so London what u say u do the stick poking for a while…

Cheers AbbeyJ but a bloke poking a bloke with a stick sometimes means getting a good kicking. Lol

Morning, falling alseep at me desk today!

About to go and grab a double espresso or I will be asleep under the table.

Morning girls and boys. am totally knackered from silverstone yesterday, wanted to fone in sick this morn as was really too tired to be bothered with goin in. Got to the office at 7, bang on time to be told ‘What you doin here, your workin nites’

So looks like am gonna miss Cubana and Frith agaain this week. At least I can go back to bed and catch up withsome very needed shuteye. Got my 2 little babies (see pets corner) to cuddle up with.

Mine tickled been to the dick a couple of times .2 weeks ago it was f*cking packed not a lot going on in the road boys in blue where there abbey r u going tonight

no can do - non biking plans tonight

Good morning, another day at work, sigh!

But holiday coming up, last day Friday for three weeks, yippey!!!

Morning all !

My last post for 10 days or so. In the next hour or so I’m about to start my trek North to Scotland on the bike … looking forward to it. No PC at my mums so I won’t be able to post, will take my camera and bore you all when I get back though with pics !

So I’ll catch up with you all soon, take care, love and hugs,


Cheers Trojan, have a good one and do some riding up in the far north for me. Loved the place last time although the mad sheep on the roads are a little scary.

… I do actually have plenty of booze there … though it will probably be gone when I get back thanks to younger Brother of Trojan !!

Ride Safe Trojan

Have a great time… you lucky ********

so i wont see ya friday then…

Jiggy Jiggy…

whats dick tirpin? sorry im confused! its been a busy day, im going tommorrow! i mite need another poke with the stick to keep me awake!!!

have a nice trip up to scotland …dick turpin is a pub and a bike meet on tuesdays if weather is good .a127 southend bound