Good Morning LBrs

I’m off the bike for 3 weeks. Missing it already.

Have a great day


Why you off the bike?

Have to go abroad on business. Travelled by tube today. It’s soul destroying to see so many dead faces.

morning motherhumpers.
Finally got the gasket I was waiting for to finish the tracer. Also taken next week off as I’ve 20 days holiday to take before the end of october so I might get all the way to getting the VFR working too!

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Morning all!

I get this irrational feeling when my bike is unavailable to ride, that I’m trapped. It makes no sense, because I don’t ride the bike to work, and it sits in storage for most of the week, and most of the time it only comes out at weekends. But not having the option to use it is frustrating nonetheless :confused:

I feel exactly the same way. It’s the perception of the loss of independence for me.

Afternoon all… Last few days of holidays left, now in Athens (or just outside for today) for one last swim and a few drinks with friends.

Really not looking forward to Monday!

For the first time in my short life (:wink:) I have been comuting to work on the bike, as soon as it gets cold and wet it will be going back in the shed, and I will be as misserable as fook. Cant do cold and wet though.

Heated jacket and gloves #ecstacy

Good morning. Roads busy again and time to take out boots and textiles.

Fantastic ride in though, i missed the challenge of filtering