Good Morning LB

Good Morning all.

Just off for a nice blast and an Oakdene brekkie to clear the sleep.

Hope you sll had and have a good one


Morning everyone:D make the most of today cos its baby weather predicted for the next few days:angry:

Morning, ain’t been to the Oakdene for a while, Mmmm might take a ride up on saturday for a fat boy egg sandwich :smiley:

still wondering what this 20 minute business is chenster:blink:

Morning troops, another lovely morning in surrey hopefully it will stay this way till thursday anyway. I have an appointment with B wednesday, he’s going to dial in the 1098 so its going to be even better on the road:w00t: and then off to BM.

As for today, another one in the showroom working till 7pm.

Have a good one.

Morning campers…hi de hi :slight_smile:

wash n polish bike or go for ride ? choices eh ? :slight_smile:

Morning all, have a great one!

Morning :slight_smile:

Tally Ho, chaps! Make the most of it, it won’t last till the weekend! :slight_smile:

good moaning every body :P:D;)


God Moaning All! Hope everyone has a safe sunny day.

clean or ride it? Ride it like you cleaned it!?! :smiley:

Good Morning Folks!

Hope you have a good day :smiley:

Morning… (said with a very sore mouth! A dentist visit this morning :frowning: )

Have a gooooood day y’alll!

morning all:D

Top o’ the morning to ya :smiley:

Just back from a long ride from the Oakdene. A229 through Maidstone to the A21 into Hastings.

Quick cuppa and look at the sea and then a fast ride back the length of the A21 into London.


Love it.

Now just need to try and chill while the endorphines settle down.

Question: What makes you think you may have done something stupid/reckless whilst riding?

Answer: When you get the anker sign and the middle finger from 2 R1’s 10 minutes after you pass them whilst you’re now sitting in the sun with a milkshake.

(just wish i knew what the fug i was supposed to have done :hehe:)

Good afternoon all.