Good Morning Folks

Good morning everyone!

Thursday one more day before Friday… Weather is a bit chilly this morning, but it looks like it will clear up.

Great to meet everyone at the cubana last night! A pity about the hooligans…

Also, very sad to hear about Foxy’s bike = hope it is ok this morning…

Good to hear about Barro’s bike

On the plus side, new day so yippee…

Gooooooood morning! Yes the weather is a bit cold (it will improve damn it!) and yes there’s only one more day to the weekend - but for me that means one more day till I jump in a big van and go shift a load of stuff from Nottingham to South Wales…

On my own in Nottingham - so if anyone fancies a blast up to Notts to help me load the van I would be VERY VERY appreciative… you can stay over night and I’ll make sure you get blasted and full of food - wont cost you a penny - I’ll even fill your tank… go on you know you want to!

Sorry we didn’t get to natter last night Abby - we’ll talk next week - bike is looking great by the way!


The sky is crying because of the lack of a podcast

Morning! Yay its Thursday which means one step closer to Friday ;0)

woo hoo. Im gonna be a sterotypical irish fucker and get pissed tonight.

What happened with the hooligans last night lads???

Morning all and good to meet who I did last night. Matt, looking forward to the podcast. Hooligans? Did I leave to early?

Londondrz sorry to have missed you last night mate…

silly loud buggers - just revving off very very loud down lower marsh street… upsetting the residents.