Good Morning All

Taking a leaf out of Barro’s book…

and just saying morning to everyone… I have a feeling today is gonna be great…

Right now tho… my stomach is telling me its time for breakfast…

i am gonna be having my usual poached eggs… anyone having anything more exciting???

Well, I’m just about to have a snack of some sort … dunno what yet and off to bed, exhausted after a busy mental night at work last night …

always nice going to bed just as some are getting up though.

yep that i can believe -

we were up in the west end last night - it was very very busy…

hope it wasn’t too bad…

I’m with Trojan here, just finished a week of nights, just having a little daycap? before hitting the pit for a couple of hours. Then got to find out where the short is in the back lights thats blowing a fuse on the bike.


I’m having a poached egg but also kippers!


had breckie just waiting to c if its gonna rain or if i can wash my bike then i may take a run to the cafe up the a10 royston way .

Good morning all! I’m up since 8am licking stamps and sending stickers up… lol. The London’s weather is back to it’s normal now eh? Hope that this wednesday we can all see each other once again in the dry!

Hey …you beat me to it today…I think the wine flowed a little to easy last night so Im not so early this morning!!

A very good morning to one and all…

Anyone up for a ride later if the weather holds out or do I go for the Sunday Lunch time Drinks ??..

Hey now thats an idea…does anyone fancy a Few Jars this afternoon ??..

Now I know our good comrade “Cez” is an master at Alcohol Consumtion !! anyone else ???

Me??? I don’t drink mate! You are mad! Have the bad winds spoken to you again???

I will be garage cleaning this afternoon… Any help??? lol

Biggus has just taken me and the kids to Mcdonalds for a spanking brekkie, now we are off to Silverstone for some car show.

Sounds really good Lady_p, have fun!

Cez Cez Cez…my valued friend…you are the only man I have even known to be able to speak 8 different languages in the same Telephone Conversation !!!..Dont drink !!! are

Premier League

(get’s a bit read in the face and pretend that didn’t see the reply)*****

I’m up for a ride, or a beer, but not together?

Anyone wanna meet, up, just got the bacon on the go

Missus is on holiday, so she can’t tell me off for gettin pished on a Sunday

Hi Wigg…Im out for a beer mate…tyres bolloxed on the bike and no where open for sealer to fill it so if ya fancy a few jars mate im in town today !!!

London town?

Whereabouts?, How long for etc, quite fancy that

im up for a ride, drink etc… really nice day today it seems, hope it stays this way!.