Good Luck To Andrew

You all, may well know that our ever suffering and very tolerant forum moderator picks up his new baby tomorrow. You may wonder why I have taken the opportunity to wish him luck as the (Spawny), I mean very fortunate individual is picking up a great bike, the envy of many.

Well IMHO , he will need luck on two counts one riding its gonna be a pig when every one is gonna want him to stop every five minutes and admire it.

And, on the second count is he gonna be really able to enjoy it with pitiful plea’s every five minutes to have a go.

Just kidding mate, enjoy.

Bagsy first ride

have fun mate!

Yeah gis a go fella! Oh admin great one Mr masterful!

Remind me again which bike it is, Andrew… Hope you’ll enjoy your second ever ride on it!

have a good one

I heard it’s one of those eer Trumpet 6 oh sommin’. You know the one.

Whatever it is I hope its fitted with spiked tyres - snowing again here.

Is that the one?

Ha Ha , man, you kill me.

Have fun mate. That Trumpet is the 2nd sportsbike in 4 years thats got me gagging for it (Prilla RSV being the other). Can’t wait to see it in the flesh down the Ace

Yes that’s the one. Think that’s the limited edition paddy racing green one you’ve put up there.

Why thank you all !!!

I’m touched (in a good wholesome way) by your thoughts.

I appreciate that you may be a little jealous those of you not picking up new 'peds these days, but I’ll try

675 not to rub 675 it in too much 675.

You can take some comfort that I have to ride the first 100 miles at a max of 3500rpm.

I reckon that equates to about 50 mph. Doh! At least it’ll reduce the windchill and give me more time in shop windows

And once it is run in I may let a chosen few have a go…

aww thanks pal… i’ll get my lid cleaned for my turn on your machine


you kept it under 3500rpm just to pose, nothing to do with engine running in, lol

Well, I’m learning how to use gears next Sunday, so I take it I can take the 666 (or whatever it is, remind me again…) out on Monday?

Enjoy the bike Andrew, you lucky bugger, bet you will be like a kid on chrismas eve tonight, all excited and can’t get to sleep, you will have to count out 675 sheep if you can’t. Have fun mate.

This so you can ride something while yours is getting fixed ??? Hehehehe stunt video indeed LOL

how’s the blue suit fitting Steve? Enjoying yourself?

Andrew, good luck with the bike, any chance of seeing it this week?

Andrew, good luck with the bike, any chance of seeing it this week?

Definitely worth saying twice!