Good advert

Thats a brilliant advert… and it’s actually one that does make you THINK

and trust me I am now THINKING :ermm:

Yep, definitely do not race on tracks where they have parked buses, benches and phone boxes…

very good! and no its not posted before :wink:

Yep certainly has a message :unsure:

Mick Doohan: “If I faced the same obstacles on the racetrack that you face on the road I’d probably be dead”. . .Does that make us harder than Mick Doohan then. . . ? :smiley:

I think the only person that could ever ride round a racetrack which has the same obstacles on it as the road does and live is Chuck Norris!

Yes, it is a very good advert.

Chuck Norris wouldN’T come off the bike.

First off made me go “OOOH!” second one made me go “F*UCK!” Third one made me go “Eh!?” Then I went “WHAT A SH!T TRACK!!!” :w00t:

Top quality ad, really reminds you of the risks of riding a bit crazy on the road.

Confused me at the beginning… I was like “what the hell is a park bench doing on that corner??”