Good accessory store around Sutton?

IXS stuff is not the best, but is good value for the price paid. Also, it lasts forever. The £100 textile jacket I bought in Jan 2004 is still serviceable.

we went to farnborough in the end, and poped into HG (not great size range) and infinity (alot better)

ignored all the good advise to go to j & s then :laugh: :stuck_out_tongue:

i wanted to but serrisan was leading :wink:

he plots his journeys making sure he is always within a long walk to a moto factors for bits to keep the ktm running, j&s was obviously too far away from one

youve seen the fb pic :wink:

ahem! You’re the one who went left 2 mins and 20 yards after I had told you go right!!!

i thought you meant the other right

one in carshalton is lamba motorcycles not got much in there, j&s new malden has a good range of clothing