Good accessory store around Sutton?

any suggestions where to go to look for some gear around Sutton?

HG in Purley?

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yep that would do. anyone know how big it is?

I’d say it was at least the same size as Stockwell, bigger than Hanger Lane.
Only been there a couple of times, but they seemed to have a great range of stuff.

Hmmm it’s ok but I didn’t see as much in there as in Stockwell nor did the staff seem that bothered (but then again I am a grumpy bastard…)

Could pop down to P&H in crawley? Have lot of Dainese stuff…

Dobles in Coulsdon have a fair bit, J&S near the A3 at New Malden, further out, there is the new place on the A22 south of Godstone, Get Geared at Leatherhead, and Helmet City over towards Biggin Hill.

J&S New Malden…?

I live in Sutton :smiley:

Nowhere round here that I know apart from Halfords, you got JS in New Malden or that one in Carshalton.

Lots of good stuff in J&S New Malden :slight_smile:

might pop out to get geared and H&G

get geared has always been a bit of a let down… their site boasts so much stuff yet the store has a very limited supply to try on :frowning:


I got all my stuff from there, they threw in some stuff like I got a pin lock and a helmet care kit and I got a discount. Nice blokes in there too, even when I was being proper fussy and tried on like a hundred pair of gloves :slight_smile:

hmm ok… wont go then.

Carshalton = Lamba Motorcycles (Not bad little place)
5 mins from my house.

nah by all means go… trouble here with me is sizes and they don’t seem to stock the… larger… sizes :smiley:

but don’t expect everything there is online to find it there… don’t know if it’s just me but 2-3 times I’ve seen something online, been to store and they never had it…


HG is better though :wink:

That might be because you took out a mortgage to buy your gear :smiley:

Get Geared is quite good in that they have brands like Held, Weise and Revit that you don’t tend to get elsewhere. However the criticism I would make of them is that they definitely tend more to having the higher priced stuff in stock in the shop. Their online shop looks great but I’d prefer to try before I buy - although saying that I have bought stuff from them before.

The J&S in New Malden is absolutely cavernous. Very helpful in getting my girlfriend a lid, and usually has a decent range of IXS, Alpinestars and Frank Thomas.

Have you tried P&H motorcycles in crawley…? might be a bit of a ride but the a23 has some lovely twists to it.

I can vouch for IXS stuff if that helps (J&S only) - Jacket has only started soaking my arms and crotch after 6 or so years :blush: