GoldFren Pads anyone?

I did search the forum first before posting:)

I needed to do the service on my commuter and I decided to do it myself, learn a few things at the same time. First thing is… get proper tools for the jobs, which I didn’t and made things much harder. Now I have some tools.

So I got myself all parts off eBay:) air filter, k&n with knob to make it easier to screw, magnetic oil plug (which foked my thread up and oil was leaking but was lucky old one went back in), oil from halfords, GoldFren brake pads:)

So my question is related to the brake pads, has anyone used GoldFrens? I been trying to find some honest opinions and I get very mixed feelings. I put them on and they seem OK, I also didn’t know we had to bed in new brake pads… so maybe a few tips on how to bed in pads is also needed to this post please, cheers.

i`ve got goldfren pads on my blade and they are fine. to bed them in take the bike to 30mph and bring it to a stop. do this 2 or 3 times. then do the same at 60mph 2 or 3 times. should be done and they will get better and better the more you ride. :slight_smile:

got them on my blackbird no problems hauling the lardy old boat to a stop :slight_smile:

Absolutely hated them on my CBR600F and swapped them out after about 6-800 miles.

Never ever again.

:)) mixed views huh, OK I shall keep them on and see how they feel. Haven’t really slammed the brakes on yet but they seem OK so far.

I have them on my ZX7R and they are fine.

Be warned that if you buy them cheaply off of ebay you may unwittingly be buying cheap Chinese knock-offs.