Going to hit the South Coast

tonight - crap weather tomorrow - tied up Sunday…need my fix.

Prob do Elad’s route to Brighton, turn left and carry on past Eatbourne - maybe as far as Rye b4 heading back to London…unless anyone’s got any better ideas?

Prob get to the Box for 5ish…happy to hang around til 6 if anyone fancies a ride.

If anyone fancies it, look out for a lumo jacketed, slow cornering, non mirror using Blue ER6f…close resemblance to Tom Cruise

Not online much but if anyone is up for it…let me know as I’ll check LB laters.


would be up for this but doubt can get off work early…

if i do i’ll scout around boxhill for a tom cruise lookalike!

Well - did the back route to Brighton and then the A259 (?) all the way to Rye…wkd. Carried on towards Folkstone b4 picking up the M20/M25 for a faster run home.

That Brighton - Rye road really is great fun. Loads of coppers around Brighton and on the edges of London tonight.

Glad you managed to get out somewhere this weekend. Best wishes for the visit to your Mum.