Going to France

I’ve just booked my Eurotunnel ticket to Calais for a stay of 6 nights and 5 days.I’m in search of sunshine so I’ll be heading south, but where should I go and which way should I get there?

Do I travel eastside (massive :smiley: ) and follow the famous Route Napoleon passing through Reims and that disused race track there :w00t: ?

Actually, that sounds good, but where should I end up? I hear Marseille is nice.

Any suggestions?

How you say…Merci beaucoup :laugh:

Nice is, errr, nice! Spent my summer hollibobs there last year and did a fair few sights along the SE coast: Cannes, St Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Cap Ferrat, Monaco. Some good biking roads inland too. Sadly I was in a car:(

For me, and this from experience, the Route Napoleon near Grenoble is awesome. Don’t know when you’re going man, Grenoble is a ski resort in winter, but christ the roads are fantastic as you are dabbling in the French Alps. Gap, Brencon etc are all connected by twisty, quiet and well surfaced roads.

Getting there? Well head diagonal from Calais (although Portsmouth C’brg would be my choice) through Paris and into wine country. Or perhaps head along the Channel towards Dinan (beautiful town) and then south to take in Le Mans? Depends how many hours a day you want in the saddle mate.

I got from Paris to Grenoble in two easy’ish days riding. Trouble I find is France is a big country, and it’s filled with wonderful places.

I’d double your holiday if poss hehe.

theres a village left over from the war in france where the germans gassed all the residents and the village stood still, has been left as is ever since and is a memorial to the villagers, i cant remeber the name but always wanted to visit there.

Oradour-sur-Glane, near Limoges.It is featured in the first and last episodes of The World At War.


I think there were others villages, too.

As an aside, for anyone wishing to make a ‘pilgrimage’ to a WWII site, Breendonk Concentration Camp in Belgium is a memorable visit.

It would be just about possible in a day from London and the S.E.

It’s on the main road south of Antwerp.

Get out the map, look for the wiggly roads, head for anywhere with mountains, avoid huge cities and towns. France is fantastic everywhere off the autoroutes and N roads. Use D roads and unclassified if possible. Going a ‘circuit’ of France is very rewarding. Don’t expect anyone to speak or understand English - however sign language works well. :wink:

Beware the fuelling situation - getting fuel on a Sunday away from the autoroutes is well-nigh impossible unless you have a French debit card or choose your times carefully in the (to be avoided) big towns and cities. Guess why I got myself a French bank account…

getting fuel on a Sunday away from the autoroutes is well-nigh impossible

…and in those places - away from the autoroutes - petrol stations often close for lunch, too!

Ahhh…So it’ll be snowing end of December? Well I’ve riden in the snow before :laugh:

Going to head down to Marseille I think.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Blimney, road right across france without the autoroutes, from calais to italy. Feckin awsome stuff, loads of fun and not a motorway in sight. Have written an artical that i keep meaning to post up!! Can forward you some details if you want. Didnt go anywhere near the coast though as was headed straight down to the montblanc tunnel…

Would appreciate that Alice…btw did you bring me back those chocolates? :wink: