Go Figure?

So I telephoned Hertz today to hire a car for two days in the US.

They quoted me £171.58 and a $75 one way fee.

I telephoned four hours later to increase it to three days and they quoted me £170 and a $150 one way fee.

Does anyone have any idea whatsoever how this works because I’m stumped?

Flexible pricing is a law onto itself.

I hate using the aggregator sites because you are one step removed from the supplier if anything is missing or goes wrong but every time I try to rent a car directly from Hertz (or whomever) I find they are twice the price of rentalcars.com

I’ve just booked one for my upcoming Easter ski trip and it was the same story. Rentalcars are half the price of any of the companies on their own web sites, so they have my business once again; and the car they’ve booked me this time is supplied by Europcar.

When booking with hertz in the UK, of you are booking for a few days you are paying a week rate, they just don’t make it obvious, so you can extend it to a week for the same price.

That might be what’s happening, and then exchange rate change to cover the £1.58 difference?


I think you’ve nailed it.

Read a thread the other day how websites recall if you’ve been before and sometimes increase their pricing accordingly. This related to flights and hotels, presume other industries can do the same.

Solutions included visiting from a second device when wanting to book. Maybe some of our more knowledgable IT bods can advise too.

Some companies also charge more for things like flight tickets if people are accessing the website using an Apple device, as they’re seen as having more money & less sense.


Yup, this is true, also Pat’s comments were also proved.

This still happens and always will as unless your actually auditing the companies it would be difficult to prove.

Not the case for all though to be far. Plenty of personal examples using multiple devices all came up at the same price.

When I recently booked with Alamo I messed around with the return time on the final day. If I set it early enough I was below the threshold for a weeks rental so it was much cheaper. Didn’t seem very logical but it worked.

Oh and they gave me a Dodge Challenger R/T and now I want one.

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