Gloves hard after 'drying'

After riding in heavy rain my gloves soaked a lot of water and I left them dry by a window. My missus in a fit of helpfulness (she is as anti-bike as a human can be but sometimes treats me like mildly psychiatrically ill and softens her stance) put the gloves to dry on an electric radiator and presto het are now hard like made of cardboard.

I plan to apply vast amount of Dainese leather cream to revive them, but maybe wise people here could suggest some alternative treatment methods.

Soak them again and leave them to dry naturally :wink:

A post it note saying DO NOT TOUCH might help;):smiley:

Yeah, I thought about soaking them again but hoped there is a quicker cure as I’m using now my old pair which is hard as cardboard, after ‘drying’ a year ago. I think the note would have helped, yeah.:Whistling:

Would youy think the note would create an unnecessary psychological pressure on my missus and she would then cease all attempts to neutralise her dislike for bikes? :hehe:

You can of course just wear them and they will soften up as you go along:)

If your missus has no interest in bikes whatsoever, buy her a puppy and she will not notice you gone for hours on end at meets and rideouts:D

Nope, this won’t work. She’ll tell me to take that puppy with me and then will be as vigilant as ever :smiley:

divorce her then and get a new model thats into bikes, problem solved :slight_smile:

Agreed upgrade!

As for the gloves any quality leather treatment will restore their suppleness. You could also use ‘old fashioned’ things like saddle soap too it’s a bit more effort on your part however it’s just as good at keeping leather in good shape.

Give her an Alabama Hot Pocket:D

That will give her something else to worry about:D:D:D


I like the way you think, very paractical. I first need to upgrade my bike though as divorce may cost a lot and I’ll then be left with no money for a new bike, so what’s the pooint then?:hehe:

Just tagging onto the end of this post… Hope you don’t mind… But er…

What’s the best way to clean leather gloves? Mine are starting to er wiff a bit, and my hands aren’t much better after a half hour in them :ermm:

apparently Astonish Leather cleaner 99p as per our resident Leather expert ( Wasp) :wink:

Funny that - this topic came up in the office today too! :w00t:

I just worry whether putting stuff like this on gloves might make them a bit slipery…dunno, just a thought:)

depends what you want to use them for!! :hehe: :w00t:

When they get like that you just have to get a new pair or put up with the whiff

Doh! New pair it is then! They smell like old ear wax… Probably should have changed them sooner :sick:

wear them as soon as they dry!! they’ll soften up immediately :smiley:

Mine got soaked through at the weekend…

Dried them naturally and they were still stiff…applied some Auto Glym Leather care cream
and they seem fine now.


Mine always end up on the rads after a good soaking and I just wear them soft again.

Re the smelly gloves a temp solution is to get some white cotton gloves from the chemist and wear them as a base layer. Stops your hands smelling like the gloves and buys some time till pay day and a new set.

“put the gloves to dry on an electric radiator” … bad mistake

The electric radiator, or any heating device will remove the natural oil in the leather, hence they go rock hard.

Might be time to upgrade, and let them dry naturally in the future.