Giving up Smoking !

due to the Law coming in next year and i dont like something having control over me (which i feel ciggys are - and the Law of course …)

i’m wanting to give up smoking…anyone want to join me and we can do this together ??

its been 3 days now and the patches arent doing too bad… but its that 1st one in the morning thats the killer…really really want one

Charley gave me a straight ( ) after the photo shoot yesterday cos i was in the pub and had eaten…thats a bad time after eating… and i had a few rollees ( ) off of Ross at Blades Party…cos me patch had fallen off !!

so reading this back…its their fault and not mine

really really want one now and there’s 200 fags sitting there waiting for me…HELP!

Im exactly the same Charlie

Isn’t there anything other than chewing gum?

I don’t want to wander around imitating a cow chewing the cud.

thanks mate…i will give it a go…(correct spelling too!)

but i’ll be going through a lot of nuts and gum before Ty gets home

But the latest word on the ‘‘giving’’ front is it actually only works if you completely give up smoking…apparently if you just cut down or are an occasional smoker then you still at risk just like Mr.40-a-day

AND if you smoke brands like Silk Sluts then you are at a greater risk than if you smoke full strength ciggies as you actually end up inhalling deeper and longer than you would with others.

So just popping out for a filterless Gitanes Bleu

so Charlie…and Loopy!

we are still smokers…so more WILL POWER is needed

wheres me nuts??

Sod the nuts, go for more sex oh no u cant at mo can ya

no i cant!!!

and then theres also the dilema of wanting a fag after sex!!!..Loopy

sod it i’m going out on the bike…cant smoke then can i …and i cant have sex so the bike is the next best thing

I hate it when you get bits of nuts in the chewing gum


and what would you know about will power? Can’t even have the courage to learn your own dad’s beautiful language…
Shame… OK… To stop smoking… One easy 3 steps way:
1- Through away (do not give) everything smoking related… (and I do mean everything crystal ashtrays, Dupond solid gold lighter etc…)
2- Look at yourself in the mirror and say the word: If I can’t do that I am a pussy and I deserve to died in very painful conditions after months of chemotherapy…
3- Suffer Suffer and Suffer until you can’t remember why you where stupid enough to smoke in the first place…

4- Re-joy at the smoking ban in public places (and soon everywhere…)

what ever you do at the gym can’t really qualify as cardiovascular exercises so no, that doesn’t help…
Although you might put on some weight…

who are you kidding here… I saw you coming back from the gym as fresh as a rose… Not even breaking a sweat…
The first 30 minutes of Cardio is barely a warm up… Only bodybuilders run that little as the are scared of burning valuable calories…
You need to run an average of 50Km per week with one run of minimum 20km…
If I can do it, so can u as R a bit younger and much lighter than I am…
Will be good for your stamina. Claire will say thank you too… :wink:

I gave up about 9 years ago, a friend and i quit at the same time and we said that if one of us start again it will cost me or him £1000 as the bet. And seeing i haven`t got that sort of money i had to stay off them.

Look here

I stopped smoking over 2 years ago. I got hypnotised on Harley Streetthe day after my birthday and i haven’t smoked since

I was a horrible smoker - it was the first thing I’d do in the morning, before getting into bed, and the last thing I would do at night - that was always my favourite one, lying in bed, lights off having a fag before going to sleep. Disgusting huh

Yep…just had the sex on me bike (close as i’m gonna get) …now i’m freezing…!!..but well happy screaming down the M25 to nowhere and then home again…gotta do it while we can

but i dont need a fag!!

I’m right with you on the food thing, lol. Maybe it’s time for another trip to harley street

or maybe try LittleMissRoadRage’s one…seems to have worked for her

the detox headache is now kicking in…

Eh??? I only suggested it a few hours ago!!!