GIVI XS306 25L Tank Bag - used

As I no longer have my GSR, and this won’t fit on my next bike, decided to get rid of it.

The bag has the weatherproof cover and tablet accessory. However, the ‘safety’ strap (second photo on the bottom) got pulled from where one of the stitching points when I crashed my GSR. It would be straightforward stitch job if you can gain access to it as it wasn’t damaged beyond the stitch going(i.e. if you have the skills! :P) Remarkably the bag has suffered no scuffs or anything when travelling down the road (will post some photos prob tomorrow) and is in like new condition! I had only used it a handful of times before I came off :frowning:

This bag locks onto the tank using Givi’s base plate and is very secure but also very practical and convenient. I should have base plate BF01 and you can see what bikes it fits here:

On Ebay I have seen them go between £80 (from Germany) to £120… I was thinking about £30 without the locking accessory or £35 with, if I can find it (will hunt for it tomorrow) and it fits your bike. Or make me an offer if you think it’s wrongly priced

The bag is based in Haywards Heath - I sometimes travel up to London but it’s not a routine/ planned thing. But I could arrange to meet somewhere.

Stock photos until I can put my own up.