Givi supplier at the London Bike Show ?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there will be any givi supplier fitters at the London Bike Show this month?

I’m trying to have a look before I buy, and I’d ideally like to try sitting on a bike with my wife to find out how comfortable she is with the box - there’s no point in buying one if she won’t be comfortable with it on.

Thanks in advance,

why not just go to the Ace see if anyone has a bike with box n panniers on and see if she can sit on it ? if you get all the correct brackets etc she wont even notice they are there as they dont intrude on the passengers space as such and some panniers like the E360 have handels to hold if needed instead of holding onto you, works fine on my bike :slight_smile:

If you are localish to me (Dartford) you are welcome to call round and try mine:)

Sure your uva arf will feel a lot more comfy with a box fitted, mine does:)

same here… she feels secure as there is no risk of her falling backwards

you can even add a backrest to improve confort :wink:

Thanks all - I might just bite the bullet and get this ordered.

dont buy brand new unless you have to, check out fleabay and save a fortune cos a wingrack panniers n topbox depending on bike wont leave much change from £500, are you planning on doing a lot of touring if not how about throwovers and soft luggage ? :slight_smile:

The main thing I want right now is the topbox for an upcoming tour to France. I’m not in any form of a rush for hard panniers, and I might check e-bay for those. For france, I was just planning on a set of Oxford throwover type jobs.

My only worry with ebay is issues around finding actual bits for my bike and getting genuine parts instead of knock-off bits.