Givi box for sale (spares or repairs)

Only bought it yesterday with the intention of putting it on the bandit, but managed to get another one today when buying a mounting plate.
So the original one is for sale…

Not sure what size it is, I’d say 40-50ltr
Selling as spares or repairs as the barrel has been removed by previous owner as he broke the key (barrel and key included) I bought it with the intention of replacing the barrel, however I’m not sure what Model this one is :confused: but they seem to be around £10-£15on eBay.
Still locks into mounting plate fine and is still very much useable.
It’s in ok condition apart from that, included in the sale is some spares,

Open to offers!

Quick sale preferred as its just sitting in the shed now…




Not even an offer? Tight B*stards! :blink:

Make an offer! it needs to go!