Girlsbike2 is the ONLY ladies motorbike clothing shop in Europe. Suppliers include Alpinestar, Spidi,Teknic, Frank Thomas, Richa and Ixon.

Worth a look!

Welcome to LB, Julie! Would you be Julie, the owner?

I can recommend Girlsbike2 btw, as ordered my Alpinestars boots from them on a Friday, expecting delivery on Wednesday but they were delivered before I even got to my new job on that Monday morning.

yeah, by all means just bust in here a promote your business with your 1st post…

Nice play on words Flatout.


at Andrew…

Sorry Flatout didnt mean to offend, just thought people should know there is actually Girlie bikegear out there so contacted Londonbikers and they suggested i join the forum!

I have been a biker for 11 years and got so fed up with looking like a bloke on a bike with a saggy bum i decided to do something about it.

Hear hear Julie! I only started looking at gear last year and was really struggling. The only trousers I saw stocked anywhere were for men, and for them to go over my feminine curvy hips, I would have had to go for XXL but then the waist would have been too big. Jackets? Don’t get me started on jackets! Where exactly was I supposed to put my boobs so I could do the zip up? And I lost count of how many salespeople said to me that there is no difference between men’s and women’s feet, and therefore, I could easily wear men’s boots (if only anybody stocked sizes 4 & 5).

I actually learnt about you girls from the BikeSafe cops at the Ace, but my bike and my experience on it was too small to do such a trip, but I see one in the horizon.

I think you should add yourselves in the Directory under Clothing & Protection for future reference.

Thanks Paivi - Blokes just dont understand!! I got laughed at a couple of years ago in a Shop when i asked for knee sliders!

Hehe mind girls are no different.

I got laughed at when I asked for some tights in my size.


(I hear they are great for keeping you warm under yer leathers. I wussed out and bought saggy assed thermals.)

What do you expect, Andrew, you asked for fishnet tights; it’s the 40-60 denier ones that keep you warm!


no offence meant or taken it was a tounge in cheek comment meant to raise a smile not a frown

dont worry you can post what you like

heheheheheh, charly you nutter

Nice one julie, i am about to get my wife some bike gear, so think i will let her look at your site, oh and welcome to LB, don’t forget to post up a pic of your bike…

Thanks for the welcome Neil. Will post a photo of my blade when i have one taken without me in it! On a serious note if your Wife wants any advice on the best gear just tell her to email me and i can suggest some good ranges for her to try , some Bike Shops do cater for Ladies you just have to know where to go in your area.


Nice one Julie, i’ll send her in your direction, for some good advice.

hi julie… hi everyone.

your site/store is awesome… it’s about time! congrats!

Nice one for the heads up Julie and welcome! The missus will be happy to know!

As you ae now ‘officially’ associated the LB possee - do we get the hook up on ‘Possee Discount’?

Funny how the last person that I remember doing this got his link removed anyone remember the £ 295 Corsair from Georgieboy??

Still he was a fella I suppose…

Errr no I don’t remember. I sense that an injustice may have been committed. PM me the details - I can’t find the user you mention, but give me the low down and I’ll have a butcher’s.

Yeah, but if someone did open ‘Fat Bikers Clothing’ who would actually admit to shopping there??

Seriously though my other half has a slight width to height ratio problem when it comes to getting leathers, and he just got a very smart Wolf 2-piece from Harpers Race Shop (in Leigh-on-Sea nr Southend). They’re not made to measure but they do tailor to fit, and are approved by Wolf - cost c. £500