Ginger takes Delivey

Pictures just in of LB host and resident Plank Ginger taking delivery of his shiny new Bandit.

Sources say the Streetfighter Section are licking their lips and wringing their hands in anticipation:D



its not blue

Cos he couldnt handle a blue one;)

no true. you just didn’t know as you never go out to meet people :smiley:

thats what i was thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

the ginger defence force is here!:cool::stuck_out_tongue:

he is’nt the resident plank, ch…:D:w00t::P:hehe::cool:

If thats what you believe then be happy thinking that mate:cool:

its actually black and i may be a resident plank but i go to a lot more meeting than you

mainly cos im not a FWR

I think Ginge can handle his own:P …No Hampton jokes, please:)

That`s an insult to Ronald McDonald compareing him to ginger.

Welcome to the black bandit club mate :D:D:D:D

Your plankness is excused as your in the club now :stuck_out_tongue:

Black bandit club?..count me in!


nice bike ginge…they are one damn fine bike…it will be more in keeping with your staure as an LB member and leader…good one…

Good choice ginger!!! You will have nothing but grins from it, and if you want MORE grins drop me a PM and I will tell you how to squeeze a bit more HP and torque for minimal cost!

haha I had my MOT this weekend just gone and forgot to dig out from the bottom of my tool case the dusty long forgotten Baffle for my straight through can :blush:

MOT results:


I’m a recent convert to the Black Bandit club too :smiley:

So Bandit owners anyone got a 1250?

If so what end can have you got?

I posted else where the same question…but as I got some attention here lol

If not a 1250, just let me know a noisy can suggestion!