Ginger Back in the Saddle

Hey people I used to be called Ginger on here until Jay decided to upgrade and I cant access my email account my username is Registered to …So I decided to Call myself Coppernut29

I’m back biking after 4 years off the bike and looking forward to good times ahead

Welcome back! What you riding now?


Used to ride a bandit 1250 till some women made it look like this, Now riding a BMW GSA 1200 TE well not actually riding it till Saturday when I pick it up from dealership


Feck off ginge … oops i mean WB .

cheers TimR

It’s good to have another ginger around. I like the way the car seems to have come off worse from the accident, though I’m sure it’s an illusion. I ride a 1200 myself.

Welcome back. That looks like I might have pooed my pants if it would have happened to me. :flushed:

Nah just held onto the brakes …lol

Hello stranger, did wonder. Amazed you’re on a GSA! Welcome back.

Has it been that long? Last time I saw you, you did a whole ride out with no clutch.

I love how the old school of this place come back. good to see ya ginge, please leave the mankini at home

Whassup you ginger cunt how you been :joy:

hey Ginger welcome back.

Have to say that picture is actually hilarious! looks like someone has actually bolted your bike to the car

The grade of ride outs are about to drop. Lol

The grade of ride outs are about to drop. Lol SeanV4
Why is it dry enough for you now ;)


Welcome back mate! Glad to hear about the new bike!

Sent you a message about your old account.