Giant Shame

During the auction for LAA held at Poppins, I bid on and got a £30 voucher to spend at Vive Nails on Upper Richmond Road.

I call up yesterday to get some prices on various things, namely manicures, pedicures and false eyelashes.

As I always break my nails on the bike I decided to treat myself and best mate Charlotte to some flase lashes at the cost of £14 each and get us booked in for this afternoon.

We get there and she starts on Charlotte, half an eye through she decides to tell us that we need to pay extra for the lashes themselves. After confirming that the cost was normally £14 each she said it’s because we’re paying with the gift voucher and that only her time, not her products can be free!!!

I obviously question it and tell her I don’t think that’s right and that as she donated the £30 voucher for charity I should be able to spend the £30 in her shop as I please. Anyway, for the sake of a few quid and the fact that Charlotte has half an eye done we say whatever, carry on and we’ll give you the money but she says no, I don’t want to!!!

I am absolutely disgusted with her behaviour. There was only one other person in the shop who looked to be letting her nails dry before leaving so she wasn’t even busy.

bludy hell m8, my misses wuda give her a right hiding, n me afta!. sounds like you let her off lightly. thats bang out of order

Sound very charitable :blink:

rofl, ive got this image stuck in my head of you and charlotte walking out with ya bibs on and half a false eye lash stuck on…:smiley:

bloody hell thats well outta order, hope ya dont go back there again :w00t:

At least it wasn’t someone on the Charity Council eh? :Whistling:

That’s really toilet Sherrie:crying:

I won a hospitality day at BSB at the xmas auction.

If they use the same rules do you think i should take my own sandwiches?;):smiley:

That’s terrible hon!

I’d speak to M9 about it - he organised it - he must have some bearing on this?

Polished and painted I guess?;):smiley:

should have stood outside looking like a mess with only 1 eye done, bet they would lose custom, lol.

We were too shocked to respond accordingly! Last night we kept coming up with witty and intelligent responses, lol. Gonna look at reporting her to trading standards.

Wanna borrow my catapult and golf balls?;):slight_smile:

Hindsight is a wonderful thing :smiley:

I remember coming out of a hairdressers once with half a hair cut but that was my choice :wink:

Even that was still better than Grim’s;)

Thats rich coming from someone with more beard than hair ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Not this week;)I can’t help it if my head’s on upside down:P

Human league look, lol

Yep I organized the night I have spoken to Jon from poppins he is looking into it

I am appalled at the behavior of the shop but I can not be held responsible for the shop owner being a A-hole

Never said you should mate. Just thought you’d have some clout with the person who donated the prize…

I would mate, as soon as they see you coming you’ll be on restricted rations anyway!! :smiley: