Ghost riders ride

Now this is a really, really nice ride, if like me you can’t wait for the film here are a few preview picx



that 3rd pic is cool man… i wonder if it runs??

Really scary look, ****… I like it!

cant wait for this to come out, the trailer looks awesome too

Ah but does it handle? and you’d have trouble strapping a tray of lager on it.

if we two on gingers in france im sure we could get one on there

It looks the dogs,
but don’t forget it is 100% still an old man’s Harley under there…don’t let the shiny lights distract ya guys! Christ you’ll be looking at drive bands next and saying things like “oooh, they’re lighter than chains, which would be a benefit as I parp my way round London traffic looking like my Grandad!”

Hmmmm,not sure on the new style tyre warmers tho,think i prefer the old ones…