Getting plumber's nuts tight.

O.k. In some of those Swedish movies it’s the housewife wearing only an apron and a thong, but let’s forget that for the moment, interesting though the though might be.

I’m talking about the bits that stop pipe joints leaking.

I’m just trying to finish off my last bathroom and I have the same problems I’ve had before. What the eff do plumbers use to tighten fittings if you can’t get the clunky shifting wrench in?

I own loads of different spanners but apparently none that properly fit plumbing fittings. These things seem to defy logic.

Plumbers wrench.—adjustable-6mm—25mm

the head swivels on this so u can use it in confined spaces :slight_smile:

i have one…

this for monoblock kitchen tap nuts

ducks foot

Dear Derrick, we feel a further clue would be of interest.

Got that stuff but they rips seven shades out of the finish of exposed chrome fittings.

Perhaps I should have been more clear. I’ll buy open ended spanners that fit, but what do I buy?

I’ve got both imperial A/F and metric spanners but neither series fit, so what are these sodding things?

Have you tried a pair of adjustable spanners?

How`s the tortoise?

How old are the fittings?

Perhaps a picture could help…

Failing that, a pair of stilsons with a bit of old inner tube either side of the jaws could do the trick.

Or try changing the olive in the joint or pop some PTFE on the threads to help things tighten up…

I use adjustable spanners.

I use a hammer and superglue.

Got a big nut in am awkward position … An oil filter strap is your friend .

This is what I use if I dont want to mark the fitting have a small strip of rubber that goes between the nut and the jaws

A Eureka moment.

I own all of the tools suggested. None fit the confined space behind the bog pan.

Today I bought a 1930’s, at a guess, adjustable spanner from a charity shop for 50p. It’s my new chum and I love him.

(Would post a photo of the curious little thing. But I can’t be arsed.)

Go on you know you want to everyone likes to show of their tool :wink:


Ianq Go on you know you want to everyone likes to show of their tool

Not when it’s “compact”. (Though adjustable.)

Looool. I call custard!! :smiley:

Is yours a “King Dick”…

gaffa tape?