getting my mod on at Oval Motorcycle Centre

bike is now pretty much prep’d for the Italy trip courtesy of my beautiful assistant Matt @ OMC :wink:

have to recommend using OMC if you don’t have somewhere proper to work. I have all the tools but working outside the flat means plenty of prying eyes and having to leave everything unattended when nature calls…and more importantly the sounding board that you aren’t being a dickhead with what you’re planning to do :slight_smile:

not a bad session:

  • new Pirelli Rosso Corsa rear
  • 14t front sprocket
  • mini indicators front
  • LED strip indicators hidden in rear vents.
  • wire clean up in tail section
  • de-coked exhaust plus general clean up of all the bits that are bugger to access when its not on a raised bench

Good work

The font on that number plate will be an absolute nightmare for ANPR equipment :w00t:

cheers Art

now that would be a shame :wink:

next up is a clear/smoked rear light, rizoma handlebars and some R&Gs. Anyone know of a replacement black filler cap brand that still requires a key?

Plasti-Dip the original one, or get it Water Transfer Printed. It’ll be half the price of a Aftermarket one and will retain the original Key

cool cheers. is plasti-dip something you can DIY?

Not unless you want it looking **** no lol

Plasti dip I basically a paint you spray leave it to dry and if you don’t like it just peel it off as if you would have wrapped it :wink: