Get behind a fellow biker

The reason I first got into biking was a friend of mine called Duncan who bought a 125 and I somehow I managed to convince him to give me a go round a car park. When he bought a bigger bike a couple of years later he took me to the BMF in Peterborough and that’s when I decided I wanted a bike.

Out of all the bikers I have known or talked to Duncan is by far the most experienced which he mostly gained in a world tour before Ewan & Charlie even considered getting on their first bike. Duncan took a year out and started on his long solo journey which consisted of splitting a deer in half in Canada just a few days into his trip, being shot at in Columbia and most life changing he was involved in rebuilding a village in Flood torn Honduras.

What this trip gave him was a true appreciation of life and the plight of those less fortunate than us.

As a result he recently jacked in his job and created a charitable company to bring fresh water to those who most desperately need it.

The favour I ask of the London Bikers is if they are faced with a choice of buying Evian or One Water please bear in mind your fellow biker Duncan and choose One Water

Many thanks for your time and have a very Merry Christmas

Marcus (AKA Big Bad Ox)

Merry Christmas to you to. Cant say I have seen the water but at least I know what to look out for now.

Never heard of one water but that’s the one on my shopping troley from now on! If you ask your friend to contact us , we could write a nice article about his adventures and place some photos on LB pages so, he get’s the deserved promotion!