Gerbing XR12 Heated Gloves


I pikced these up a couple of months ago to use for my winter commute but I really don’t get on with them so they’re up for sale.

The gloves are in perfect condition and look like new. They come boxed and have all of the connectors and harness for wiring yourself up. They’re a large.

I’m looking for £120 posted for the gloves.

Photo’s in the link (hopefully!)!AlELnWrNdf1EpBHjG3SfkaCdm2cX


link no work-y


Mine are great. Why can’t you get on with them?


what panagiotis said. Link is broken.

Also what size are they?




Hopefully that’s the link fixed

They just don’t fit me very well, I always have trouble finding gloves that are comfortable!



i wouldnt concider ridding in the winter now after using heated gloves fro three seasons
alot better than heated grips will ever be


Long fingers?


Just odd size i think.
I’m bigger than a medium and smaller than a large.
Finding gloves is a real pain!


funny enough this is why I’m debating at the moment.

When I tried them on Medium they felt to tight and the large to big.


Get them professionally altered…???


The hands or the gloves :rofl: