Gerbin XR12 receipt

Ladies and Gents,

Typically last night one of my gloves decided to pack up, does anyone have a receipt I could get a copy of so I can send them off for repair?

Happy to get you a beer as a thanks…

I’ll message you

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Cheers mate,

Not got anything yet though :grin:

If you paid by card an copy of the (redacted) statement should suffice as proof of purchase

there in be the problem. I bought them nearly new and have worked fine for months. Oddly worked last night and this morning was weak but some heat there, but just need s receipt so I can get them warranty repaired.

Is it my idea or do these threads pop up all the time… No doubt they are good with customer service fixing things all the time but reliability seems to be big issue.

Seems like every winter a few people will post similar thread…

Maybe it’s just the wrong impression I got…

Same with apple or BMW, they break more often but the customer service is good so customers keep going back regardless of the product actually being inferior.

Need to send mine back soon, one has stopped working. But I would rather have something that has broken after 2.5 years and gets swiftly fixed than something that I have to pay to repair.