george white leathers superstore

Going to go up to george whites superstore, swindon today, to see if they have any good deals…think I am going to buy a good black set that will suit all my bikes rather than try and buy one set for each bike…we will see how tempted I am with what they have…must steer clear of their bike shops though…am feeling a bit flush at the moment and am really tempted to buy a naked bike…z1000…ooh lovely…stop it…no more bikes

If you’re feeling that flush, wanna buy me a new R1 and a white 848 ??? :smiley:

Feeling flush?

You need a woman to stop that:D

:w00t: I wish I had your purchasing ability !!

me too…its the banks money not mine, …problem is the greedy buggers want it back all the time…now where did I put my begging bowl…want that z1000

not great its all fank thomas and nothing much of anything else…not worth the trip…