Got to take the drz in for a service and Geomoto in Finchley seem to be the closest Suzuki dealer to me. So i was wondering if anyone has had any dealiings with them and if so were they any good. The other option would be Metropolis but I’ve read some pretty bad stuff about them. Your advice please…Thanks in advance.

Where do you work - where can you travel to thats not much of a problem??

I work at george whites in shoreditch and we can service your bike - and it will retain the warranty (if thats why you were going for a suzuki dealer) and yes Metropolis have had some bad press - but they sell and service a lot of bikes they cant be bad all of the time!!??

I live in Finsbury Park so Shoreditch wouldn’t be a problem, and yeah the reason for a Suzuki dealer was for the warranty so it’s good news that wouldn’t be an issue. What would the turn around be cause I use the bike daily and wouldn’t want to be parted with my bike for days. Thanks for your help.

They are booking about 7-10 days in advance at the moment (that time of year) but if thats ok for you i’ll persuade my boss to give you a bike for the day (drop yours off in the morning - pick it up in the evening)

Thanks Sean I’ll give the shop a ring this week, is it ok if I ask for you.

Yeah no probs!