General Security & Trackers

Hi folks,

I’m new to biking, and am taking delivery of a relatively new Honda CBR600F on Thursday, which I’m really excited about.

I’ve been doing loads of research on bikes/gear etc following the decision to switch onto two wheels and the security issues particulalrly in London that keep cropping up are concerning me more and more.

As far as I can gather, the thieves will have the bike if they want it regardless, but that’s not going to stop me from making it as difficult as possible for them.

So, overnight, I’ll have the bike parked in a secure gated car park, off the street, out of sight, under a cover, with an Almax 1V chain/anchor, Xena disc alarm, and datatool S4 Cat 1 alarm.

During the day it will be in a secure CCTV monitored underground car park.

I’ll have the disc alarm while I’m out and about in town, but I need a lock to secure the bike in this instance, I gather the Almax will be too heavy, any suggestions?

What about Trackers? The recovery rates look impressive, so I’m tempted to have one fitted. I’ve seen ppl post the fact that they have Tracker Monitors fitted (not recent posts) for significantly less than the prices currently advertised on the Tracker website. Can anyone point me towards a competitive/quality installer?

Thanks in advance for any help…

I seem to remember a few stories on here about bikes with trackers that never got tracked… They are a good piece of mind kit… I’m not too sure on recovery rates so can’t comment but definitely will give you more piece of mind when parking. I think Jaime here has one which is so sensitive they texted him that the bike was moved as it was being put on a ramp at the OMC (he had forgot to deactivate it)… :smiley:

Carrying a chain around with you is impractical but if you have some sort of tailbag it’s more manageable. I never bothered really but then my bike ain’t worth that much :smiley:

Make sure the cover has holes for the chain and disc lock to go through that way it prevents nosey people taking a peek… :wink:

I have a 19mm chain at home but it’s a bit bulky to carry around. I’m moving sites at work soon and there’s a bike bay with a rail there (currently park in a private car park next to the security office) thinking of getting a 14mm for out and about and getting a motrax bag to carry it in.

PJB Security do various 14mm chains for reasonable prices but I may just try and get the motrax bag first to see if it’s practical to carry the big chain before splashing the cash on a new one.

yup. move it a meter and they will be calling you. the down side is that you have to get a crime ref number and give it to the tracker company and THEN they start tracking. Suppose its law though

When I need to I carry my almax in a kriega (came with almax). No probs at all.

OK, so I think it will be the Almmax III in the Kriega bag for out and about, as clubfoot and others by PM have suggested, thanks guys.

Monkimark, couldn’t find that Montrax bag on sale anywhere, appears to be discontiued.

Does anyone have the number for Almax? I ordered the IV for home with ground anchor etc and hoping they may be able to give me a small discount.

Last night there website was dowen for maintanence, an d it now appears to be replaced by a compnay selling curtain poles…strange:

I noticed that Motrax have discontinued the chain bag when I started lookig yesterday, shame because it’s much cheaper than the others I’ve seen

Almax details:

Don’t listen to this pansy ‘you can’t carry a Series IV around’. I do it every day. Just chuck it in a tailbag, get a decent one though to avoid it flying off the back.

I can get an almax just under the seat of a fazer. I couldn’t get one under my varadero. I used a chain bag for it for awhile but it actually burst open as I was riding along. It was a shitty motrax one though. Motrax are just utter ****, I wouldn’t use anything made by them.