Gearing question

Does anybody know by what percentage the speedo will be out with a -1/+2 (front/back) gearing selection would be? I’m interested to know what my true milage is now see. I’m guessing between 10-15% more?


Here is a handy little calculator that is available on the speedohealer website. Hope it helps

Great stuff gixergooner, thanks! Speedo was +19% and odo +13. Quite a lot really, but a small price to pay for monster acceleration.

When in doubt, always check your speedo against a GPS unit. Handy to know where “true” 30, 40, 50 and 70mph values are for speed cams.

Most bikes read 10%-20%+ high.

Jay try this link we were talking about it all a while back.

you selling your bike?

Can I have it?