Gatwick airport - changes?


A minimum £5 charge applies to use the drop off zones, which must be paid online by midnight the day after your visit. Alternatively, drop off or park for free for up to 2 hours in the long stay car park.

I know they have changed the drop off charges …but hoping the bike parking is still gratis

anyone got any recent info cos off there soon on the bike

According to their website, bikes can still park for free in the short stay car parks.

I’ve flown out through Gatwick a couple of times on a Thursday evening in the last few weeks & the whole place was very quiet both times, even despite the fact that they’re not currently using the South terminal. I travel there by train, but judging by the lack of passengers, I can’t see it being a problem to find a bike parking space.

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Just went to pick up my mum last week and loads of spaces for bikes.

parking still cool and you dont go near the “drop off scameras” so all good at LGW

WT actual Frak!

You now have to pay £5 for dropping off outside the terminal! £5 for the first 10minutes and £1 for every extra minute!


Heathrow airport will be the same from the 1st November

What if you don’t stop and just roll your granny out of the passenger door? You could chuck her luggage after her.


Think that’s littering and a £100 fine?


At Luton they have cameras and people were sat in traffic on road so passengers got out then later owner gets a ticket in post.

Happened a lot.


You used to be able to pull into the layby on the way in to drop people, but there are cameras on that as well now. I use the 15 minute free stay in the medium stay carpark now, much easier and cheaper though there are no buses running to the terminal from there anymore

From Nextdoor, yesterday:

tl;dr dont register drop off, you might not need to pay

interesting development today
I totally forgot to pay the drop off charge from Monday.

so went online to pay, but it couldnt find my license plate. instead of registering a drop off myself I called them up. Apparently my license plate was not registered and didnt need to pay!

so if gatwick drop off website cant find your drop off, call them up and see if it has been registered or not!