gasket paper

anyone know where you can get some (around NW london)?
tried Llyods Motor Spares, they only go up to 1 foot spares (which isn’t big enough).


Trawl the net for local motor factors?

Can you use a gasket sealant or does it have to be paper?

thanks, ill try halfords tomorrow

and i could use sealent, but would rather paper (easier to replace next time i need to).

I always used to use blotting paper, and oil soak it after cutting out, because I could buy it in A3 size sheets.

Now that’s a useless bit of information because it’s probably harder to find A3 sheets of blotting paper than gasket paper.

Cartridge paper (oil soaked again) from your local stationery shop is a decent last resort and at least it’s available.

thanks, i may hope my clutch will last another week and order an actual gasket, probably the sensible thing to do…

Lots on E-bay 1M x 1M £14-99 or 500mm x 500mm £4-99