Garmin Zumo 660LM Map updates

As per the title it seems the the Zumo 660 which is now rather old is no longer getting map updates. Mine is currently on 2020.20 which was released last year. Does anyone else have the 660 and can they confirm that they are also on 2020.20?


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As for the lifetime map updates I’m fairly sure Garmin’s lifetime will be the same as TomTom’s who define it as the useful lifetime of the device, which is defined as the period of time that TomTom is able to support the device with updates etc. What this means to the end user is that sooner rather than later the device will run out of memory to support the latest and more complex software and mapping updates.

TomTom My Drive Connect shows an outstanding map update to Western Europe v10.50 but my Rider 40 (purchased as new old stock in March 2017) freezes part way through the installation due to insufficient memory. I’ve heard if I delete the older map and then install the updated map it will load, not sure I want to do that since the only fault I have noticed on the old map is the absence of the 2,979 yards of tarmac Colchester Borough Council in all their wisdom decided to call Via Urbis Romanae which of course 99% of the locals cannot pronounce.

That’s just priceless…

My Latin is very poor (only did a few years at school) but doesn’t that translate as the way of the city of the Roman, rather than of Rome? Oh well alea jacta est.

Edit: Seems I may be incorrect after checking with google. Urbis Romanae = Rome but Via Urbis Romanae = the way of the city of the Roman (Roman CIty Way).

Not sure what the Colchester city planner and part time classicist had in mind… I’d love to hear Tom Tom and Garmin sat nav pronounce that :smiley:

I think that they have EoL the 660 because it’s replacement has just been replaced. I assume they only support the previous generation not two generations. Just curious if that is the same for other people.

According to her indoors with her Old Grammar School Latin A level it translates to “Roman Town Way”

Since I didn’t need the Rider until next weekend this thread prompted me to give it one more lash at updating the map to 1050, its got 8 days to complete. Well, well as I type it beeps out with an on screen message ‘update complete’. Western Europe v1050.10249 map now installed (release date April 2020) seems its now bang up to date except for the speed camera database which I refuse to subscribe to. If decide to ignore the speed limits and fail to spot the warning signage and the bright yellow roadside boxes or the white van with the blacked out rear windows then you and I should be more alert :wink:

Happy Days my Rider now has that 2,979 yards of tarmac the locals call ‘the new road’

Had to try that TomTom pronounces it “Viaduct Urbis Roman I”

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I don’t remember that much but I do remember that ae in Latin is pronounced e as in elephant.

Right, we’ve gone way off track from kevstas original question. I think our satnavs being out of date has led us astray

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Apologises @Kevsta

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Such is the internet.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Right thought I’d update this thread. I was having some issues loading routes on to the Zumo 660. So ended up doing a factory reset the other week.

Well bit of a surprise last night, new map update available. Looks like it was release in the last week version 2021.10.

Good news, did you get in touch with @bluelagos