Garmin Sat Nav

Any one got one? Are there better ones?

I got the Garmin Quest, quite happy with it.

Cannot do post code search so there are better units out there.

I was thinking of the zūmo™ 550 No need for clocks as it has a speedo.

ive got the garmin street pilot and am upgrading to a zumo soon, just been checking them out this week, looks really good. go for it.

Yeah, I think I will, that way I can strip off the clocks and use it on any of the bikes. Have you seen an on-bike charger for it?

How are you going to manage with the speed cameras that they always put in tunnels these days? Most Satnavs just assume a constant speed since the signal was lost when in a tunnel.

True, hadn’t thought about that, guess I’ll have to come off the throttle a bit. I live right next to Rotherhithe tunnel but luckily the cameras are on the outside.

I have the Garmin Zumo 400 and its great, postcode search and points of interest, wires up to the bike, waterproof and dont have to take my gloves of either :smiley:

Oh and lets me know where the speed carmeras are :wink:

Yeah, the thing with the cameras is a real bonus.

I use the AA Road Atlas.

Diablo i got a Zumo550 one a week ago but haven’t a bike to fit it to as of yet.I have used it in the car and it’s great.I paired it to my pda and when i looked all my contacts had been added to the zumo without help from me. I have used it in the car as it comes with all the fittings for the car and the phone works great with it. It also plays mp3’s which is great, except my Nolan Ncom lid only plays back in mono but with all that wind noise i will have at speed i dont really give a toss. I paid 374 quid for it, a bit cheaper than most places. Don’t think about it just get it you will not be dissapointed. Here’s a web forum solely for the zumo.

I’m gonna get it payday. Its 366.98 on inc vat. Alot better than the retail price.

I’m using the Zumo 550 and it works great, loaded with Mp3 tunes and " Bluetooth" on the mobile phone. You can see incoming calls and you choose if you want to answer or ignore the call. I don’t have a head set for the phone , but if I get an emergency call I can see it on the screen ,stop and then make the call. The mp3 is great as I have it piped to my helmet and can control the selection and volume from the unit. Also has the fuel warning option ( works on calculated mileage ) so before you run the tank low on fuel you will get a notice on the screen and when you touch it , it will locate close fuel stops in the area you are in.

Save 80 quid? 280.94 incl vat

at blokestuff


Red thats the 500 you mentioned not the 550:ermm:

Maybe try (or something like that). They often have end of line/reconditioned stock. I got my Garmin SPIII from there with Europe maps and bike mounting kit and large memory stick (which sells for nearly 100 squids on its own) for GBP 140 or so.

Not the latest thing. Not the coolest thing. Not the smallest thing. But cheap, and it works.

The only differnce as far as i’m aware between the 550 and the 500 is the lack of EU maps in the 500. If your not planning to ride to Le Mans then…

I have no idea how much the EU maps cost on thier own however…

I’ll shut up.


Cheers guys, I’ll look up the sites, even more reason justifying it to the misses.

the other day i had to collect a brake disk for me bike but did not know how to find the place :doze: but had a brain storm i used my tom tom one that i use in my car. just put the tom tom inside my jacket & plugged my head phones in:D the only thing i had to do was put a peace of cardboard in front of the screen to stop the buttons being pushed.

its not as good as having it fixed on the bike but did the job & saved me money

I have the 550 & it’s great. Will take a pic tomorrow of it on bike and post.

It does sometimes beep at you when the camera is on the other side of the road, but better safe than sorry.

Shows if it’s a fixed camera or a mobile one. I presume with the mobile one, that the particular area has been “marked” in the past.