Garage Security

Can any of you recomend any of those security devices for securing garage doors? Any experience with good/bad ones?

Looking to keep the thieving chav scum out of my garage and off my bike.

Was thinking of chaining up an American pit bull with aids to the bike but that would mean dog doo in the garage!



call carole nash

they will come out - look at your house let you know what will work

then after they have put theirs in = put some surprises of your own…

personally i find him to be more effective

than this

I’ve heard of a new product that triggers a smoke bomb so that the scum can’t see what they are doing - you just don’t want to forget about it if you are late for work one morning

How about rigging up a couple of sawn off shotguns to a trip wire so when someone tries to get in the garage without permission they get there head removed along with various other body parts!

Plus that way when you argue with the wife just send her in the garage

Boy am I gonna get beats for that one lol


I have been looking at using the device that you have out a link too. But the problem then is that the thieving scum will see that there is something in there…

Remember that film Flash Gordon (not Flesh Gordon!) when he fights Tim Dalton on the spikey floor, that would be quiet good to harpoon the burberry chav b’stards on the way out. Bleed you chav scum!!!

prevention is better than cure and all that…

Almax ground-anchor & chain, Tracker, garage door post and garage alarm with additional siren in the house. That’s got to be the best setup, surely?

Not that I would condone such behaviour …

But I think it would work fine in putting the fear of god into any thieving scumbag !

Charly if I got a Fortress 3 from you do you know someone who would fit it for me? (someone you trust)

atach a flame thrower to the door that should do the trick

you can get the door trips that trojan mentioned here, along with blanks.

can tell you that they are very loud!