Garage in Winsdor/Slough area

Morning all,

My Speed Triple’s fan keeps blowing its fuse, so I need to have it looked at before some serious damage occurs. Anyone know a good garage around the Windsor/Slough area that does Triumph? I know Jack Lilley in Ashford is the nearest dealer, but just wondering if there are any others :slight_smile:


Sorry, only one I know that is any good is near Deptford. Les and Jason are first class on Triumphs.

Hehe, I know them well - they’re a great garage. A little too far from me since I moved out west though, but I may end up going there anyway!

Could try PDQ in Taplow. They ain’t cheap though !

Revolution Norwood Green/ Southall 02085711271

Cheers for the suggestions fellas, I’ll check them out! :slight_smile:

My mechanic near South Ruislip is really good and even though I live in Slough I always travel over to him. His name is Andy and he works at Swallow Motorbikes. If you PM me I’ll send you his details if you want?

sounds like the fan is fooked, damaged or stuck…if it is blowing the fuse it is drawing too much current obviously which means the fan needs to come off likely…If you can just whip it off and give it a clean first, then check if it rotates freely, if it doesnt the bearings might be up the swanny…so overloading the fan motor and hence the fuse blowing.

However if could be the relay and wiring so it is useful to check if you have an open circuit after the fan starter relay…this too could cause the problem…thats a real pain to find…unless the cables are going near the hot exhaust or engine and have been rubbed bare and they are obviously identifiable…

good luck anyway…might be simple…