Garage ideas

Your collective ideas please.

We’re viewing a house we really like. Garage is in block a bit further away. No power and from what I can see not fully ‘sealed’. Not sure what you call this tin roof (is it corrugated steel?)?

Problem is this morning was water on floor so either they left garage door open, roof leaks or because it’s not water tight, water got in.

Do I have any options to keep a motorbike in here? Anyway of sealing it up?

Only option I can see is buy a bike ‘shed’ to keep.i side garage

My garage isn’t directly next to my house, and has no power. When it rains heavily water comes through the door.
I’ve put some solar LED lights in to aid parking, and plan on more lights so i can see better while fixing bikes. It depends what you’re after, space to work on bikes it’s less pleasant with no power (as no heating either, and more awkward lighting). It also means its more far when you need to pop into the house (like for a wee) and have to put everything away.

For just storage its fine, a bit of water isnt going to do much harm

Solar LED is a good shout…

To be honest the lack of heating not so much a concern. I won’t have any time to work on bikes (when I eventually get one again) other than the odd fix here and there. I tend to prefer mechanics working on my bikes.

The water does concern me as nothing could be kept on floor and could it mean things turn to rust?

Have now seen another house with built in garage, but don’t like the house as much. Ah dilemmas…

Bound to be a way of stopping the water coming in. You would need to be there when it’s raining hard to see where it’s coming from then make a plan to block the route.

As it’s a tin roof, there’s a good chance that it could be condensation dripping down rather than, or as well as a leaky roof.

As for lighting that’s not really much of a problem these days with LEDs, just use solar, rechargeable or get a car battery & run them off that.

Forgot that people keep things other than bikes in garages.

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In the end we’ve decided not to go for that house, too many things an issue… But the garage was a step too far

Integrated garage is a real luxury. Especially if there is interior access with power and water. You can take out the rubbish without going outside. If you do fancy a garage hold out for a good one. I looked into converting a car port and it all amounted to arse. Square peg in a round hole.

Don’t know about water, but most definitely power…

But it’s one of those that I don’t like the house outside that much (including adjoining properties). Inside and location are good so trying to weigh it all up. I was even looking at the polished concrete floors yesterday… Getting slightly ahead of myself

Being honest, I’m not even sure I’ll take up biking again but I know that with a non enclosed garage in a block, the chances are even less…

I don’t know about motorbikes being there but it is full of Peace and Love.

Yeah I saw that… I have a feeling ( from the photos we saw) the house owners were a bit ‘biblical’…

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Looking at the style of the garage the roof looks like it’ could be a cement/ asbestos corrugated roof with the corrugations not filled
A can of crazy foam can cure the open corrugations
And a can of paint can seal the roof

Consider a suspended floor, like decking in a garden. Can get interlocking plastic floor tiles that are pretty thick that would keep the water underneath