Garage for Yamaha Servicing

Any recomendations? Ideally somewhere reasonably near home (Balham/Tooting) or work (Southwark)

It’s still under warranty but as i understand it, that no longer means finding a yamaha dealer.



I took it to Metropolis for its first service but I’ve heard mixed reviews about their mechanical skills and it wasn’t cheap. there was also a Yamaha service centre in Fulham that i took the scooter to a few times but that’s a bit out of the way for me to drop it off at work.

There’s one out in Feltham, not sure what it’s like though…

Have you considered Chas Bikes on the Kennington Road (Just by the war museum), never used them but knew Chas when he was an Addison Lee rider back in the 80’s.

If not, Chris at Maverick in Croydon is a decent mechanic.

I am sure there are other about though.


Chas bikes could be just the ticket, thanks Bob.

I remember someone at work recomending him but I’d forgotten the name.

infinity clapham is not too bad either. better than metropolis…

hello bobvfr and other members

i saw your posting of maverick shop to be a good mechanic. have you tried them or any biker mates tried them personally ?
as i live in croydon and is new into biking int his part of the world would be a great help.

would you all also know of decent bikers ride outs from this part on a weekend ?

thanks n regards

Yes Chris (The mechanic) has been allowed to work on my VFR a few times now.

I always find getting to know a spannerman by name is good policy.

As to ride outs, you are spoilt for choice, Boxhill is just a few miles away, I would head down to Coulsdon and take the B2032, it starts off as houses but gets better.

The place I head to most is the Chalet Cafe in Cowfold, got to admit I hit the M23 but there are plenty of back roads to take you there if you don’t like motorways.

A22 to Eastbourne is a good ride and Brighton is no that far.

Further over my way, Selsdon, you can get onto featherbed lane and into the little lanes down to the A25.

Living in Croydon you have easy access to Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex (Good biking roads), and it don’t take long to get over towards Portsmouth and the new forest and then you have all the coast roads.

Weather don’t look so good for tomorrow, but if you fancy a trip down to Cowfold for Sunday breakfast just pick a sunny Sunday morning and let me know.


Sorry double post

May as well use it, if you aren’t ready for long rides, see my post:

Not that far and easy to get to from Croydon, and if you are into breakfasts and don’t want to go too far, can i recommend the “Full Monty” on the A23 just after Coulsden, Brekkers 200 yards up the road are good to but not open on a Sunday.


Yamaha Service Centre, now Paul Reeks Motorcycles is top notch:

Not the cheapest but they are fair and there’s nothing they don’t know about Yamaha’s, other garages bring work to them. Ask for Paul Reeks and say I (Phil) sent you, he’ll sort you out.

Just started using about town bikes in wandsworth as they are close to my work, brilliant so far.

There’s a great Yam dealer in Blackfen (Sondel Yamaha used to be Garbanzos)

Won’t be taking my bike to Clapham anymore if I can help it and that’s where I bought my Yamaha… I have lost trust in them I’m afraid.

Took it to Frank Dunstall in Beckenham, SE London last time and I’m happy to keep going back, even though Clapham was more convenient with opening all day Saturday.